Thank you for stopping by - Journey of a Few Short Miles (JFSM) Productions. Whew that's a lot!
My name is Brittney and I'm a creative storyteller.

What that means is I capture raw emotion, from the ugly tears to the heart happy smiles. I want you and your partner to feel at home when in front of my lens! ​

Photographer. Short Person.
Avid coffee drinker. Foodie.
Creative Storyteller.


Too often we feel like just another face in the crowd.
Raise your hand if you feel like only sometimes 
you are truly seen?

You in the front and you in the very back-
I see you.
 You are absolutely salt and light in the world!

The JFSM Experience was created to come along side you in your journey to beautiful and memorable photographs with a focus on empowering you to be your most genuine self.

Every client and every session is curated with a mixture of fun + (sometimes food/music) +
 touch of the unexpected to get you out
of your comfort zone. Be it an impromptu dance party, a mini trip for snacks, a quick change of environment.

Let's celebrate you and your life victories - big or small.
Let's shout it from the mountaintops that
 you matter, you are loved, and you are enough.

See yourself reflected how bright the world sees you! 

Photo by SENAE pHOTOgraphy

Photo by Seane Photography

Your story
is worth telling! 





I PHOTOGRAPH DOPE people. Take a look.


"Brittney has made me feel like a ROCKSTAR. Not only that, her product is incredible. I’m generally shy when it comes to being photographed, but Britt sees and captures beauty in every person she shoots. Highly recommend her—even to inexperienced ‘models."

"Britt sees and captures beauty in every person she shoots. ..."