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Travel Bucket List

30 years young
Jesus lover
always laughing. Always dancing
Disney Enthusiast
Marvel over DC
obseSSEd with MY dog
SOLID in car karoke
december baby

White Sands
New York

Human connection
Experience MATTERS

My Approach

Bon fires, Arcades, Disney World, Coffee Dates, Pizza. Carnivals. Fuzzy Socks. Record Shops. Movie Nights. Hikes. Puppies. Road-trips. Lazy Sundays.
Sharing a beer -

Be it outside during sunset or hanging out, I aim for anyone I have in front of my lens to have fun.
Let's get outside of the box of "conventional".
The JFSM Experience is one that is collaborative and open for adventure.

Feeling that crisp air as the magical good good light sets in..

Ms. Boss

Head of HR

Detail Oriented.

Core Values

I'm both honored and humbled that you've stopped by littler corner of the interwebs. To be honest, my passion for photography grew out of not so pleasant circumstances while in college.

​In the middle of this struggle, a family friend asked me to take their headshots. I was completely horrified and ready to bolt (on the inside) during the session. I kept thinking, "I'm not a real photographer... I have no idea what I'm doing.... I hope I can deliver at least one good image..." That was a few year ago, and to this day, those same thoughts still cross my mind with every session I shoot. I stay overthinking a session and if I will deliver something beautiful for you.

​From that first experience, I knew I wanted to capture who people really are. I wanted authenticity and rawness - including the heart happy smiles and vulnerability hidden in the silence. I wanted to bring out the side, that too often goes unnoticed in most people.

I wanted to be able to say, "I see you, I really see you." I didn't want to be just another photographer who left the only impression of "Say cheese!"

I know what you're going through. As your photographer, is it my job to cultivate a space where you are free in yourself and truly shine. Through the incredible people I've photographed, they have helped me on my own journey of seeing the good in the world. We were fearfully and wonderfully made, yet we as people often forget that God has called us to think better of ourselves, to want better. It's deeply important to me that I am able to be there for others, even if its an ear to listen, a jam/dance session, or allowing a session to be the place to take a breath in life.

JFSM is more than photography -
it's a Journey of Few Short Miles
in life, mindfulness, love, and discovery.

photo by Seane Photography

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"I do"s




miles driven


I wanted to create portraits that stood apart from the awkward school picture day experience. I wanted more - I wanted to create and foster a relationship/ appreciation for the arts in which humans were able to stand in their truth, and love it.

I wanted to build something I could holistically care about a person.