I get it, professional photography is an investment...but nothing compares to holding that album in your hands of the story of your life. 

 When you're looking back at the album and printed photographs years later you want to remember how you felt that day.

You need a photographer that will get those candid  moments and the little things that matter most to you.

Here's the deets...

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ready to be seen for the beautiful, real, perferctly imperfect human you are. 

Open to a collaborative process when it comes to the vision of your photos. Not to toot my own horn, I kinda know my stuff, trust I will breathe life into the story you want to tell.

Down to earth and laugh a lot. Bring your authentic self, please and thank you! 

Heart-happy smiles only.  We will laugh, play games, dance, eat, listen to music. I promise you will have a good time by the end of it.

We're a good fit if you are...

Starting at 445

Graduating Seniors

Starting at 345


Starting at 2660


Every collection includes a digital proofing gallery, with each image delivered individually retouched and crafted  to preserve your timeless moments.

*For other photography needs/events please contact directly for pricing.

Let's work together

"From start to finish it was a great experience, and I'm not sure how many others could top it. JSFM was very concerned about my vision as the client and I appreciate that. But then when my vision ceased, her expertise kicked in and rocked it.

JFSM made me feel confident in who I am when taking my pictures. picked out some great locations and used their creative genius to capture what I envisioned the final product of my pictures looking like. they most definitely put me, the client first! I was more than pleased with my photos and the entire experience, and would recommend anyone do business with them!"

JFSM made me feel confident in who I am when taking my pictures...

"We didn’t want a photographer that was traditional,
close-minded, uptight or a “cookie-cutter” photographer whose ideas and poses were displayed in other sessions....We were looking for a photographer who could capture us in our natural-being...

We knew in our search, we wanted an up and coming, professional photographer who would take our interests into consideration, make sound suggestions, and was willing to take risks."

We didn’t want a photographer that was traditional,
close-minded, uptight,
 or  “cookie-cutter...”

"She was incredibly funny and made the entire experience comfortable. You could tell that she knew what she was doing, and was not just casually shooting images. She took her time in getting the right shot and made it appear effortless....Most definitely captured not only our personalities, but our families as well. She was wonderful, I'd recommend her to anyone for photography".

She took her time in getting the right shot and made it
appear effortless

You'll get a couple of teasers with 48 hours after your session. Once your gallery is fully delivered you'll have access to your custom professional print store!
We'll walk though how to order and start designing custom products, like an album or wall art collection.

prints & Products

Before your session we will have a consultation call,  a drink (or food in general) to iron out the nitty gritty of details. We'll cover wardrobe choices, location(s) and how to best prepare for the session! I'll help you get camera ready, don't worry!

shoot your session

Step one starts with a "Hey I like your work, let's do this! Fill out the contact form to get the ball rolling. We'll have a 30 minute discover call to see if we're a good fit, talk your vision, and get the deets on my full pricing.

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How It Works

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YES! Please contract directly for availabilty. A travel & accomodation fee may be applied to final invoice.

I'm not in San Antonio - do you travel?

The company name came about in 2012, The idea to start the business and some of my first clients were in 2016. Didn't become official until 2017.

How long have you been in business?

Cash, credit card, Apple Pay, Venm and cash app are all accepted.

**Please contact immediately if a different payment type is requested.

What form{s} of payment do you accept? 

It stands for Journey of a Few Short Miles. It's an acronym for my philosophy of life. It means- no matter where I'm at in life, I always have room to learn and grow more.

Ps. Its also a short joke

What does JFSM stand for?


The RAW file formats are not viewed nor available for purchase. This file format is often large in size and require speciality software to view. In addition, these files do not reflect the true nature and work of JFSM Productions.

Can I get the RAW files?

ABSOLUTELY! YES! I believe that as a Jesus follower, we are first and foremost called to love one another. In that love, people are meant to feel safe and cared for. I will never stand in judgement of anyone who chooses a lifesyle personally different than my own. If at any point I am not respectful of your chosen pronoun(s), please let me know. Know when you book with JFSM Productions, you are safe, you are deeply loved, and extremely cared for. You were fearfully and wonderfully made!

Do you work with members of the LGBT+ community?

After the session/event, you will have personal use rights. You may print, use them online, and however you need to for personal use. JFSM Productions retains the copyright to the images and must be credited on social media where the "Image Sharing/Posting Policy" must be followed. JFSM Productions reserves the right to use images for any method fit to promote business.

Commercial licensing may be discussed and purchased.

After we shoot, who owns the copyright?

The amount of images returned depends on
the session/event. I can only offer a typical range.
I strongly believe in providing you with quality over quantity.

How many images will I receive?

Regardless of who pays, the client is considered the person(s) who will be in front of the lens. Proper forms/documentation will be sent to all parties to ensure smooth communication and understanding from all parties. (the finically responsible, the client and the company)

If client is high school age of 18 or a minor, parental/guardian signatures are required on all documentation

A family member/friend will be paying - who is considered the client?

No heavy photoshoping or body swapping is done to images; however they do go through a digtial darkroom process. Technical elements are the only things edited.

Can you photoshop my body like Beyonce or Chris Evans?


Yes! A signed contract and a non-refundable deposit is required for a confirmed booking.

A $150 retainer for portraits.

A $1,000 retainer for weddings.

Is there a deposit?