My heart is full

June 14, 2016

I’m going to take a minute and allow my heart to feel full. Working with my kids this summer in UB, I can’t help but to feel like a proud momma bear. One of the classes they are taking is Photography.

Some have a strong interest and budding eye for it. I’ve had students come to me with their work and asking questions. They are excited for the work they are creating and I am excited for them. Looking at them in class today, editing (they are using a starter. PicMonkey) pictures they remind me of when I first started with photography and my style of editing then.

Those pictures are long buried, but I’m grateful for them. I have definitely come a long way from my overwhelming use of filters and gradients on everything I touched. I am grateful for the knowledge gained over the years. Design is something so beautiful that can be so subjective. My life has forever changed knowing a few design principles and finding them in everyday life.Never stop learning, never stop having the excitement of what it was like when you first started.


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